A little about me

Hello, my name is Leslie Brienza. I’m a hospitality photographer turned surface pattern designer and the creative behind Colletta. But Colletta, a type of ‘collection’ in Italian, is much more than a collection of pattern designs. It is art history, it is nature, it is color, shape, and mood. In other words, it is inspiration from three decades of travel to Italy and across the United States. Being a dual citizen of Italy and the US has allowed me to spend quality time with friends and relatives abroad, while also working there, photographing olive harvests and wineries, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

Along the way, these experiences helped give style and personality to my food photography and now they inform my pattern design aesthetic. Many of my patterns are created using modern, playful, hand drawn motifs alongside rich, intricate ornamental and floral drawings. I love to play with colors by creating palettes that are unique and meaningful for each design collection. It’s always fun to visualize what patterns will look like on walls, curtains, pillows, kitchen linens, and even wrapping paper.

My mom was also creative. She made all of my dance recital costumes when I was young and we never had a Christmas where our home wasn’t decorated with all her handmade crafts and ornaments. Similarly, her Italian Christmas cookies, perfect and beautiful in every way, were the talk of the town. My mom always encouraged me to be creative. She was my biggest fan. I was fortunate to have shared with her my love for sewing and the completion of my first quilt before she passed away.

Colletta is named after my mom. It’s her middle name.

After 14 incredible years living in New York City, I now live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where I work and play, gathering memories and inspiration every day.

First Quilt

Here are some images of the first quilt I made for our guest bedroom. I had never made a quilt before and when I found out my local fabric store was starting this block of the month class, I just couldn’t resist! It’s the perfect quilt to welcome friends and family to the North Country. It wasn’t until the shop was closing for good that I started to design my own patterns. I look forward to creating more quilts and other sewing projects, but with my own collections of pattern designs.

The quilting pattern I used is from Jan Patek and the name is Sleigh Bells.